Our hope as we discuss topics of culture, leadership and the art of being available, so our teams will be better versions of themselves and connect to each other and our local community.

We know everyone needs a guide to begin their journey of serving others and a culture that allows leaders to emerge with enough room to fail and grow.  The Torrey Team Talks was created with our teams in mind and place where anyone can learn what it looks like to serve at Torry Pines Church.

We want to innovate, celebrate the small wins and serve others without being weird but with genuine love and care for their experience. We invite you to subscribe and tune in and capture the heart and a process for where to begin when you join one of our teams.

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  • Fast, Fluid & Flexible

    The backbone of our teams is being fast, fluid and flexible.

  • Fail, Fast, Forward

    The faster you make mistakes the faster we just grow.

  • The Art of Being Available

    It’s not what you think.

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